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Welcome to the Gin G Group.I'm Ginny Gong. When you'e looking for someone to guide you through life's ups and downs, you need someone who has "been there, done that." I've worn many hats in my life and have had a variety of experiences and successes during my more than 4 decades in the workplace and the community. As a parent of 3 grown children and grandparent of 4, former teacher and human resource administrator, agency Director, TV talk show host, author, public speaker/facilitator/emcee, and community leader (all while relocating a dozen times),I'm eady to apply lessons learned to helping others.

As an immigrant who has grown up in this country (came at age of 6), I can truly say "I have the heart of an immigrant and the mind of a native." I am in the best position to help immigrant families address gener ational issues between young adults and parents, support immigrants in navigating the American system, and facilitate immigrant transitions in the workplace. Let me help you, your child, or your employee "get there, doing that".

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